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Turret Punch Press

The Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Turret Punch Press is the perfect solution for large, medium or small-run sheet metal jobs. This powerful machine is the alternative to making tooling and stamping parts which is an excellent aid to speed up the manufacturing. It can handle press cutting jobs up to 1/8”thick steel and 1/4” thick aluminum on a 48? X. 50? Table. For most projects, the Computer Numerically Controlled Turret Punch Press can perform up to 1,200 hits every minute. It has an automated loader designed to run the machine continuously.

Working the CNC Turret Punch Press starts when engineers create a design that presents in a 2D format such as a DXF or a DWG file or in a 3D format. We use that information to create a flat sheet metal layout and to assign the correct tooling needed to create the needed part. We use LANTEK software to ensure the most efficient layout of parts on a given size of sheet metal. It is possible to upload an electronic design file into the machine and run parts the same day.

The Turret Punch Press had many advantages when used for producing sheet metal tasks such as cabinet designing, conveyor parts, automobile bodies, aircraft wings, medical tables, roofs for buildings (architecture) and many other applications.

  • Used for simple cutting jobs
  • We can cut up to a thickness of 3 mm.
  • Used for multiple repetitive jobs
  • Low-cost service
  • Faster manufacturing and higher turnaround
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