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Laser Cutting Machine


  • 3000 x 1500 mm (10’ x 5’), 4000 x 2000 mm (13’ x 6.5’), 6000 x 2000 mm (20’ x 6.5’)
  • sheet size in-line or transverse pallet change
  • fiber laser source up to 6 kW
  • machinable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, galvanized
  • very compact layout
Other Specifications

An Innovative, Compact machine, with performance comparable to top-of-the-line models

A compact solution with outstanding performance
Compact and very configurable: this is the distinguishing feature of the LS5. LS5 is available with a transverse or in-line pallet changer with sizes up to 6000 x 2000(20’ x 6.5’). Add automatic sheet loading and unloading or a storage tower for automated material type and thickness changeovers. LS5 is one of the markets’ most complete solutions.

Add tube processing in the future
The LS5 is unique because it can grow to perform double duty by adding a tube cutting module. A fully automated tube loading, cutting and unloading system can be added at any time. The tube cutter shares the same laser and cutting head and axis of the sheet laser. This gives you a low cost entry into automated tube cutting or satisfies the demands of your production mix when the need for two separate laser systems is not justified.

The Advantages of Fiber Laser

More efficiency and less power consumption
Increased electrical efficiency of fiber laser technology drastically slashes the electrical consumption of the system which means a monthly savings on your utility bills and also a reduction in the initial investment in electrical equipment and services.

Superior performance on thinner materials
Faster speed of nitrogen fiber laser cutting on thin walled more than doubles machine productivity in contrast to CO2: mild steel and medium thickness stainless steel are the materials that typically benefit the most from fiber laser technology.

No laser maintenance needed
After all, Fiber laser does not require routine maintenance or rebuilding procedures. No laser gas is needed. Laser beam quality is stable over time and is available immediately upon start up.

New materials and new opportunities
Copper and brass, materials which were off-limits with CO2 technology can be easily cut with fiber laser. Even tricky to cut aluminum and galvanized steels have no limits. Above all, Fiber technology offers new opportunities and a more robust production method for difficult materials.

Ergonomics: made to be used
The LS5 has outstanding access to the cutting area. Large access doors are arranged along the entire length of the machine. The suspended operator helps reduce the machine’s footprint while making it easy for the operator to get the best view of the operations.

On board help
Are you a new user or do you only need a quick refresher?

The machine’s CNC contains the help you need; instruction manuals, maintenance tutorials, exploded drawings to identify spare parts, and video guides for ‘how to use’ tutorials.

Thanks to a new function on the LC5 and LS5 machines called “FLYCUT”, the time required process cutting grates has been halved. Previously the machine had to stop for every element. Now the process has been optimized to provide the maintain the highest possible cutting speed. The net result is an increase in productivity and a significant reduction in part cost all while maintaing product quality.

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